How it Works

The Meet and Greet

We’ll get to know each other a little bit better by meeting in person! I’m genuinely interested in knowing about you as a couple or as a family. All your quirks. Your hobbies. Your shared memories. How you express your love for one another. Knowing you better helps me look for the most meaningful moments. We also get to discuss what you would like to do for the photo session. We’ll find something for you to do that reflects your relationship. Whether it’s hanging out at home and making coffee or going for a walk down by the river or even baking cookies.

The Shoot

This is the part where you just be you! You’re everyday life together is full of beautiful moments I’m here to capture forever.

The Pictures

Once I finish your pictures, you’ll have access to view the full gallery online and download the files at full quality. But from experience, I know files can get lost in the computer and never looked at again. You are not paying to see the same photo pop on social media once a year  on your anniversary or birthday. You’re paying to remember a time in your life and have those memories to share and cherish. That’s why it’s my hope that with every photo session you walk away with one piece of art