Your Wedding Story


Life is full of unexpected, laugh-out-loud, genuine, passionate, celebratory and emotional moments. All of these moments weave together to tell the story of your life. As you look at your wedding day, these are the moments you want to make sure are captured to tell the unique story of you.


Staci Lewis Photography specializes in documentary style photography in Mississippi and Tennessee. She is alway looking for the quirky, cute and sweet moments shared during the day.


I’m a documentary style wedding photographer based in the Mississippi Delta who wants to capture real moments as they are happening. My love for documentary photography grew out of the stopping to pay attention the beauty and the magic that happens in the unexpected and unposed moments and the challenge it is to capture it on film.

I am head over heels for my 2 beautiful and crazy boys and a husband who is essentially the greatest love of my life and who very well may be the greatest goof of my life (there is a lot of laughter in this house). Our youngest son was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis (NF), a genetic disorder that suppresses the body’s ability to prevent tumor growth.  We are thankful for his full health at this time but documenting my boys and husband and who we are as a family, the beautiful, the hard, the messy, the fun, has been one of the best things for me to process all of this.

I  am definitely proud of my Northwestness, being from the beautiful Evergreen State of Washington. All obsessions with flannel, coffee and rain included. With that said, the Mississippi Delta has grown on me. I’ve learned front porches are a way of life, ice tea is automatically sweetened, a good hard rain is the best sound and the best most generous people here will completely envelope you. Each new client makes me love this unique and inspiring place a little more.


Have Fun

Your wedding day is first a foremost a celebration. A celebration of a lifelong commitment being made before friends and family. I want to celebrate with you! On the actual wedding day, I’ve been known to save more than one dress with my stash of safety pins. I’ll do anything you need me to and make the photography as fun and easy for you so you can focus on the more important things. It’s a day that shouldn’t be full of worry or stress about details of your photography. I’m here to just hang out, be a friend and capture the day as it happens.


I take a laid back and unobtrusive approach photographing. I want to capture the whole authentic story, every detail I can manage to capture. I usually minimize the formal portrait taking because with an already long and bustling day, an extended formal picture time can take away from experiencing what the day is truly about. I love working with people who love to be in the moment. I am constantly looking for the unexpected, the magical, the quirky, the fun, the emotional and the authentic.

The Whole Story

I’m here to tell your whole story and make sure that story can be shared for years to come. I take the time to go over every detail with you during out initial wedding consultation; brainstorm important shots, work with certain moods and feels for the day, learn about you as a couple.  No story would be complete without a way to return to that day and share it with others. I also offer print consultations to be able to take away beautiful art for you to keep whether it’s an album or wall art.